Advanced Google Calendar

The session will demonstrate many ways for educators to use Google Calendar, such as creating lesson plan calendars, sharing calendars, creating appointment slots for scheduling meetings and conferences, and embedding calendars in SchoolCenter web pages. Event (Event access code: 564-055-385)

Creating a new calendar

1. Click the drop-down arrow in My calendars and select Create new Calendar.

2. A Calendar Details page will open. Fill in your calendar settings as desired.

3. If you want the calendar to be viewable by the public through a web browser, check Make this calendar public.

4. If desired, share your calendar with specific people and designate what rights they will have.

Appointment slots

Note: appointment slots can be created only in Day or Week view. A Google account is required to book an appointment.

1. Click the calendar to create a new entry and then click Appointment slots. Enter a title and details as desired.

2. Click Edit details to add more information if needed. On this page you can add other people (Add guests) who should be present. This page also contains the URL used to book appointments.

3. Click Save.

4. Provide the URL to the people who need to book an appointment. Visitors to this page will see a calendar showing the available appointment slots.

5. To book an appointment, visitors simply click one of the available appointment buttons and click Save. Visitors can also edit other fields in the popup to make changes to the title, location, and event description. Demo calendar link.

6. Appointments that have been booked will not be visible to future visitors to the appointment page. Attendees can cancel their appointment by deleting or declining the event on their own calendar, which will appear as a decline on your calendar. The appointment then becomes bookable for future visitors to the appointment page.


Embed calendar in SchoolCenter

1.       Click the Gear icon and select Settings.

2.       Click Calendars.

3.       Select the calendar you want to embed in your SchoolCenter page.

4.     Go to Share this Calendar. Check Share this calendar with others and Make this calendar public.

5.       Go to Calendar details. Scroll down to Embed This Calendar. In this section, find the box that contains code (begins with <iframe). Copy the code. If desired, you can customize your embedded calendar by clicking Customize the color, size, and other options. (Suggestion: Agenda view looks great for a Lesson Plan calendar.)

6.       Click Save at the bottom of the page.

7.       Login into SchoolCenter and go to the page where your calendar will be embedded.

8.       Click Edit and go to the section that will contain your calendar.

9.       Click More on the top toolbar and select HTML.

10.   Paste the code into the white section and click Save.

SchoolCenter page: calendar demo