Advanced Google Search

Do your Google searches return 18 billion results? When you want to find information about bears, are your results cluttered with football teams? This session will demonstrate techniques to search Google more effectively, plus a few other Google search tricks. Event (Event access code: 529-872-466)

Google Search Operators

= constant
Italics = variable

Desired search

Search format

Sample search

Exact words or phrase

search term

alabama river

"alabama river"

Two search terms

search term 1 OR search term 2 (OR in all caps)

scotland OR wales

Wildcard (Missing word)

* in place of missing word

"isakson voted * on *"

Excluded word

- in front of excluded word (no space)


falcons –atlanta

Keyword in title

intitle:search term

highest grossing movies intitle:1983

Search terms by proximity in a website

search term 1 AROUND(n) search term 2 (AROUND in all caps, n=range of words)

"julius caesar" around(2) cleopatra

Search for a term and its synonyms

~search term

"earth science" ~glossary (finds glossaries, dictionaries, vocabulary, terminology, etc.)

Search specific website

site:website search term “harris county”

Search specific top-level domains

search term site:com (or edu, org, net, etc.)

shakespeare site:edu

Exclude specific website from search results

search term -site:website

teapot dome

Similar websites


Find webpages that link to specific sites


Information about a website


Cached version of website


Specific type of file

filetype:type search term

"civil war" filetype:ppt

Measurement conversions

search term 1 to search term 2

25 usd to eur

375 miles to km

Search a numeric range

Search term lowest..highest

laptop $400..$600


define search term

define bicameral

Word origins

etymology word

etymology salary

Public demographic information

search term and geographic entity

population georgia

Geographic maps

map geographic entity

map estonia

Math calculations


(8735 x 2.8) / 3

x/2, (x/2)^2, ln(x), cos(pi*x/5)

sqrt(x*x+y*y)+3*cos(sqrt(x*x+y*y))+5 from -20 to 20

View a 3D model of a Chemical compound

compound name, click the “3D” button


Convert numerals to words

number to words

1548621 to words

Stock market details

stock:company or symbol



Sunrise or sunset times

sunrise in location

sunset in location

sunrise in anchorage

sunset in miami october 1 2023

Weather forecast

forecast location or weather location

forecast hamilton ga

weather port isaac uk

Current time in specific location

time in location

time in dubai

Track parcels

tracking number


Track flights

airline and flight number

delta 5503

Calculate distance and get driving routes

distance location 1 to location 2

distance hamilton ga to tyler, tx

Find holiday dates

holiday and year

easter 2019

Find restaurants

restaurants location or near me

restaurants franklin nc

restaurants near me

Find movie showtimes

movies location

movies columbus ga (click a movie icon to view times and locations)

Find local attractions

attractions location

attractions charleston sc

View a sports team’s scores and schedule

team name

atlanta braves

Calculate tips by percentage and the amount owed by each person at the table

tip calculator

tip calculator

Hear miscellaneous animal sounds

animal sounds or

specific animal sound

animal sounds

elephant sound

View your computer’s public IP address

ip address

ip address

Metronome adjustable from 40 bpm to 208 bpm



Have Google give a “heads” or “tails”

flip a coin

flip a coin

Count time down


timer (notice the full screen option)

timer 3 min 20 sec

Count time up



See how Google looked when it was 1st launched

google in 1998

google in 1998

Customer service info

company customer service

coca-cola customer service

Random trivia

fun facts or I’m feeling curious

fun facts

Love quote generator

give me a love quote

give me a love quote

View a celebrity’s “Bacon Number” for the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game.

bacon number celebrity

bacon number vivien leigh

Play Pac Man right in your browser



Play Atari Breakout right in your browser

atari breakout (Google Image search)

atari breakout

Defend your Google page against a Zerg rush attack

zerg rush

zerg rush

Make Google display at a tilted angle



Make the Google page do a barrel roll

do a barrel roll

do a barrel roll

Many of these advanced search functions can be performed through Google’s Advanced Search page.